Plant Ecophysiology Laboratory


Plant Ecophysiology Laboratory

The NCU's Plant Ecophysiology Lab was established in 2006 and is located at Frederick University’s premises. It is equipped with modern research infrastructure which has allowed it to participate successfully in a number of research projects dealing with a broad spectrum of activities. The Lab also maintains one of the three seed banks of Cyprus, which currently hosts more than 100 lots of Cyprus’ flora (more than 90% of these lots come from endemic plants of the island).

The Lab’s continuous involvement in numerous projects have allowed it to increase its know-how and excel on the use of various techniques for seed processing (cleaning, storage), seed germination (including simulation of environmental conditions), seedling growth, etc., regarding plant species of Cyprus.

An indicative list of the equipment available at the Lab is provided below:
1. One plant growth incubator, with capability of digital adjustment of temperature (0 - 90oC), model BINDER KB240.
2. Four plant growth incubators, with capability of digital adjustment of temperature and light, model BINDER KBW240.
3. One digitally adjustable plant growth incubator for simulating environmental conditions (light, temperature, humidity), model BINDER KBWF240.
4. One drying oven / hot air sterilizer, model BINDER E28.
5. One water activity measurement equipment, model Rotronic - HygroLab 2.
6. One column blower suitable for separating seeds from other plant material, model Agriculex CB-1.
7. One computerized seed counter, model Agriculex ESC-2.
8. One analytical and precision balance, with readability 0.1 mg, model Precisa 320 XT.
9. One stereomicroscope, model Olympus SZX7, equipped with a digital Olympus camera.
10. Laminar Flow Cabinet, model Telstar Mini - V/ PCR.
11. Seed bank (freezer) suitable for long-term storage of seeds at - 18oC.

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