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The Nature Conservation Unit (NCU) was established in 2005 under the Frederick University and it specialises on biodiversity conservation, natural resources management and conservation, and environmental education and awareness in Cyprus. NCU was the first department in the Cypriot academic system that started dealing with issues relating to nature conservation.

More specifically, the Unit focuses on the study, monitoring, management and conservation of the Cyprus flora, fauna and habitats of Cyprus and the conservation and management of ecologically important areas of the island. Moreover, it aims at the promotion of awareness and education among the people of Cyprus about major environmental issues. The members and collaborating scientists of the NCU have extensive experience on conservation biology, natural resources management and environmental education and awareness.

It is noted that through its activities, the NCU has excelled in the field of nature conservation research. The NCU has developed important initiatives and a multidimensional research work. Moreover, the NCU has established a broad network of associates (both locally and abroad), collaborating with more than 160 organizations from 38 countries from Europe and America. Specifically, through the successful acquisition of research proposals and tenders, the NCU has participated in the implementation (or is currently implementing) of more than 50 projects, with a total budget of 34,8 million euros. The NCU’s budget in these projects is approximately 4,6 million euros. These projects were funded (or co-funded) by the Research Promotion Foundation of Cyprus, the European Commission, the United Nations and the Republic of Cyprus. Through these projects, the Unit has also acquired modern research infrastructure, both for laboratory work and fieldwork, which allows the development of new research initiatives.

Furthermore, within the framework of research proposals submitted through the Research Promotion Foundation of Cyprus, five researchers have successfully concluded their doctorate, utilizing the infrastructure, network and expertise of NCU.

Award to Nature Conservation Unit: Acknowledging the work and contribution of the Nature Conservation Unit, the Cyprus Green Party decided to include NCU to the organisations awarded in the framework of its annual event titled "Pancyprian Environmental Awards". More information on the event can be found here.

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