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Creation of educational package in the framework of the project "Restoration and Management of Oroklini Lake" (LIFE10 NAT/CY/716)

Funding Agency: Department of Environment (Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment)

NCU Role: Host organisation

Project's Main Objective: NCU is responsible for the preparation of an educational package addressed to 6-12 year old children that will focus on the importance of Oroklini Lake, the threats and the need of protection. The package will be prepared according to the new Curriculum of the Ministry of Education and Culture in the field of Environment and Sustainable Development. The final goal is to inform and raise environmental awareness to children about the protection of Oroklini Lake, wetlands in general, the importance of the nature of Cyprus and the Natura 2000 network.

For more information on the project "Restoration and Management of Oroklini Lake (LIFE10 NAT/CY/716)", please click here.

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