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Reforestation in the South of Europe as a profession for the future (VALGREEN)

Funding Agency: European Commission (Erasmus+).

Project number: 2016‐1‐ES01‐KA202‐025475

Leading Partner: IES Fray Ignacio Barrachina (Spain)

NCU Role: Partner

Partners: IES Fray Ignacio Barrachina (Spain), EPRALIMA_Escola Profissional do Alto Lima, C.I.P.R.L. (Portugal), POLO EUROPA (IC. Bart. Lore. Fumane - Italy), Frederick University.

Project's Main Objective: The project aims to share best practices about education, communication, training and disemination regarding environment management, reforestation, management of arid zones, etc. between territories with various similarities (specifically area of Southern Europe). The project relies more on products /trainings than short-term activities, and will provide the following sustainable results:
- Stakeholder involvement instrument, based on prolonged testing, monitoring and exploitation, on expert body knowledge and experience
- The contact database, website and practice platform, reports and newsletters will be easily accessible on all project languages. Those can support waves of newcomers, searching for assistance, support or solution, how to make their “green” education more attractive.

More information is available at the project's website here.
The first three-month newletter of the project is available here.

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