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Sophia Mazaraki graduated from the Department of Biology of the University of Patras, Greece. At her bachelor thesis, she studied the nutrition methodology of the bees Apis mellifica.  

She received her master's degree in Education for Environment and Sustainable Development from Frederick University. Her master thesis was performed under the LIFE+ program 'Establishment of a Plant Micro-Reserve Network in Cyprus for the Conservation of Priority Species and Habitats' for the implementation of an integrated approach to conservation of endangered endemic species Centaurea akamantis.

She also participated in the LIFE research project: 'Troodos National Forest Park: Promoting natural values and Ecosystem Services' (LIFE16 GIE/CY/000709).

At present, she participates in the LIFE research project: 'Coastal dune habitats, sublittoral sandbanks, marine reefs: conservation, protection, and threats mitigation' (LIFE17 NAT/IT/000565).

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