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A Rounder Sense of Purpose II (RSPII)

Funding Agency: European Commission (Erasmus+).

Host organisation: University of Gloucestershire (UK).

Frederick University (CY), Duurzame PABO (Netherlands), HUNGARIAN RESEARCH TEACHERS ASSOCIATION, UNIVERSITAET VECHTA (GE), Italian Association for Sustainability Science, HEP Vaud (Switzerland)

Project's Main Objective: The objectives of the project are to:
- Develop and implement the RSP framework for different phases of education aligning it with the SDGs and the related UNESCO learning objectives (UNESCO 2017); in this way the project also intends to contribute to the ongoing international effort to draft indicators for SDG Target 4.7;
- draw upon and contribute to research to tackle deep-rooted issues around motivation, conceptual understanding and assessment that were identified but could not be addressed fully in Phase I;
- provide a tangible and accessible legacy in the form of a book giving a narrative account of the theory and practice behind the RSP framework.

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