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Dr. Marinos Stavrou graduated with a BSc (Hons.) in Environmental Biology at the University of Nottingham in 2008 where he studied subjects such as: "World Agroecosystems", "Dynamic Interactions: Pure and Applied Population Biology”, “Ecology and Conservation”, “Evolutionary Ecology”, “Soil and Water Pollution and Reclamation”, “Avian Biology and Conservation” and “Air Pollution”. His final year dissertation focused on vulture conservation ecology which investigated how vulture populations of the Old World are affected by human pressures and a changing environment. Possible ways in which they can be protected and how their populations behave were also included. The project also included research into the way these large birds fly. This led to an interest in discovering more about bird flight in general; especially gliding and powered flight and later applied for a PhD on bird flight in the Structure & Motion Laboratory, Royal Veterinary College in the University of London. This focused on the aerodynamics of the bird and how the structure of the bird body (especially flight muscles and bones) assists in flight, hoping to include these aspects of biomechanics in an environmental context which could help explain bird behaviour and ecology in more detail. Marinos successfully defended his PhD at his viva in January 2013 after completing his studies.

Marinos has attended and presented his research work in local and international conferences. He has published research work in scientific journals and conference proceedings, and an identification guide for the local birds of the lake in Oroklini as part of an educational package. He has also participated in various scientific conferences, workshops and seminars dealing with environmental issues.

Marinos also gained the 1st Place and Diploma in the group research program Students in Research and Development (SRD - MERA), developed by the Republic of Cyprus during secondary school education and was the Vice-President of the Environmental Society of the University of Nottingham for the academic year 2007-2008.

Marinos first became involved with Frederick University under a government project and during his first six months worked in various environmental research projects and conservation activities for LIFE+ projects, the Natura 2000 network and the preparation of educational material and an identification guide for a LIFE
+ project. Later on he took up the position of Researcher/Expert on Fauna on the (LIFE+)  project «Improving lowland forest habitats for Birds in Cyprus» (LIFE-FORBIRDS - LIFE13 NAT/CY/000176), within the Nature Conservation Unit, Frederick University.

Curriculum Vitae

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