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Coastal dune habitats, sublittoral sandbanks, marine reefs: conservation, protection, and threats mitigation

Funding Agency: European Commission (LIFE programme).

NCU Role: Partner.

Abruzzo Region (IT), Italy University of Molise (IT), CIRSPE-Italy, Department of Environment (CY), Frederick University (CY)

Project's Main Objective: The general aim of the project CALLIOPE is preserving, protecting and mitigating the direct and indirect human threats on coastal dunes, sublittoral sandbanks and marine reefs along the Italian coast of central Adriatic and the north-west Cypriot coast.  In these target areas still occur large dune ecosystems and sublittoral marine habitats but they are seriously threatened by development and tourism activities which cause trampling and dune habitat degradation, removal of dune vegetation at the beach accesses, etc.

Project Code: LIFE17 NAT/IT/000565


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