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Through its participation in research projects, NCU has acquired fieldwork infrastructure required for the elaboration of its work.
The Unit’s hardware (and related software) has enabled its participation in the mapping and monitoring of habitats and species in various areas of Cyprus. This equipment has also allowed NCU to record various environmental parameters, including temperature, light, humidity, pH, etc., that are necessary for the species conservation through an integrated approach.

An indicative list of the available equipment is provided below:
1. Digitally programmed stations for recording and monitoring various environmental parameters (e.g. ONSET data loggers).
2. GPS devices (e.g. model GARMIN GPS MAP60 and Garmin eTrex Vista HCX).
3. Portable multi-parameter analyser for measuring and analysing several physicochemical parameters of the water in the field, model CONSORT C535T.
4. Soil pH meter model Hanna HI 99121.
5. Liquid pH meter model Hanna pHep HI 98107.
6. Chlorophyll meter (Spectrum Technologies company) model Konica Minolta SPAD 502.
7. Multimeter (pH, DO etc.) model Hanna H19828/4.
8. Photometer model YSI 9500.
9. Digital video camera suitable for long time recording in the filed, model SONY HDR - SR1.

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