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Creation of an educational, interactive CD for Athalassa National Forest Park (CD)

Funding Agency: Department of Forests (Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment).

Host organisation: Frederick University (NCU members participate in the project).

Project's Main Objective: An educational, interactive CD will be created for the National Forest Park of Athalassa, in the framework of the INTERREG project "
ΔΙΑΠΕΡΕΚ", at which the Department of Forests participates. The CD will: (i) combine text with picture, sound-narration and motion, (ii) work in any Windows system and will cooperate with other files (e.g. PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.), (iii) include photos, pictures, videos, maps, etc and (iv) contain general information, meteorological data, information on geology, flora, avifauna, fish, reptiles, mammals, insects, importance of the Park, management and facilities of the Park and various problems/ threats of the area.

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