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General Information of the Research Project

Project framework:

Special Action: Enhance

Topic: Topic
4 - Sustainability

Project Acronym: BIODIRECTIVE

Duration: 36 Months

Start date: 28/12/2006

End date: 27/12/2009

Overall Project Objectives

The overall project objective was to fund and support the research activity of a New Researcher (NR) (Marios Andreou), to implement high-level scientific research and specific in-depth study of the biology of four endangered endemic plant species of the Cyprus' flora. The purpose of the work is characterized by the pioneering and innovative nature, especially for Cyprus' standards

The project was supervised by the Frederick University and the University of Athens, which aimed to enhace the work of the NR for the preparation of his research work. Marios Andreou is a PhD candidate of the University of Athens and his work base is at Frederick University. The scope of the project is consistent with his PhD Thesis and is a part of his overall research effort. The results of the research project contributed to the rest of the NR's research, while at the same time they will be used (as good as possible by the Forestry Department and the Environment Service (Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment), who will have a complete work on each of the four plant species listed in Annex II of Directive 92/43/EEC .

Project Aspects

The aim of the project was the study of the biology of the plant species Arabis kennedyae, Chionodoxa lochiae, Pinguicula crystallina and Scilla morrisii, four of the most rare and endangered species of the Cyprus flora. All species are listed in Annex II of the Habitats Directive 92/43/EEC, as priority species. The need to study and deal with these species derives from their endemicity, their small extent of occurence and their small population size.

Special Scientific Project Objectives

Systematic monitoring of four priority plant species.

Genetic analysis of the population of Arabis kennedyae.

Study of the vagetation growth of Scilla morrisii.

Investigation of the poor fruit setting of Chionodoxa lochiae.

Physiology of nutrition in Pinguicula crystallina.


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